FlashTents Inflatable Camping Tents

FlashTents® Air – inflatable tents for great comfort

In our FlashTents® Air series, we have replaced the old-fashioned poles with inflatable tubes for your comfort. The tent itself is lighter without the classic frame – and the pitch is extremely easy as you simply blow air into the tubes with the enclosed air pump. Forget about struggling with entering the different poles into the rod pockets, you simply attach the pump and start pumping - and in no time, the tent is ready. You will enjoy a modern, elegant, lightweight, and functional camping tent made for camping at campsites, in your garden or in the wild somewhere.

FlashTents® Air – elegant, modern inflatable camping tents

We would like to invite you to make your camping experience a little lighter and much easier. Having a FlashTents® Air camping tent with you on the camping trip will give you an amazing break. You can look forward to a nice camping experience with your family in this fun camping tent with air tubes and no poles! The high-quality FlashTents® Air is easy to pitch, so you will have time to explore nature, play games and tell tales around the bonfire. Use your lightweight FlashTents® Air camping tent for travels with many mounts and dismounts and for travels where you stay at the same campsite for a longer time.

Let the modern camping tents from FlashTents® be a part of your holiday