FlashTents Soccer Mom Tents

FlashTents® All Weather Pod for easy shelter and protection

Our All Weather Pod or Soccer Mom Tent is a popular high quality and innovative pop-up tent perfect for all kinds of spectator sports and much more. The compact, lightweight 1-person pop-up tent comes in a practical transport bag, so it is easy to bring everywhere. The Soccer Mom Tent is intended for the thousands of dedicated parents, who throughout the year loyally stands on the sideline of every match their children are playing no matter if it rains or the sun is shining.

FlashTents® All Weather Pod for much more than sports

Our popular Soccer Mom Tent 1-person pod may have been developed for spectator sports and the many hours of training passes that our children attend, but the lightweight weather pod can also be used for so many other occasions. When you go fishing, you will sit for hours out in the open exposed to the elements. The same goes if you have to be somewhere in the open as an official or volunteer in connection with a sports event and more. Bring the compact, lightweight pod and a foldable camping chair and be sure to sit sheltered from the rain, wind and sun.